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Posts From December, 2011

Breaking a site with Multi-Mechanize

In my previous post I got started with Multi-Mechanize and established that it is a useful tool for load-testing web sites. Next I tried it on a real site that we are currently building – the new... read more

Trying out Multi-Mechanize web performance and load testing framework

Information and download from http://code.google.com/p/multi-mechanize/ UPDATE 14th March 2012: now moved to http://testutils.org/multi-mechanize Multi-Mechanize is an open source... read more

MS Access DAO recordset + SQL Server: how to get the ID of a newly inserted record

Sometimes when inserting records programmatically you want to create a parent record first, then add records into related tables where the Foreign Key is on an autonumber field. Therefore you need to ... read more

SQL Server 2005: how to allow remote connections

When running instances of SQL Server on laptops/PCs, it can be troublesome allowing others on the network to connect to them. Keith Westcott has written up this guide. Obviously paths may need to be... read more

ArcGIS 10 - tips to improve editing responsiveness

If you are experiencing poor performance/responsiveness whilst editing features in ArcGIS v10 this can in many cases be remedied by turning off the new snapping tools, which are on as default in... read more

How to prevent MS Access truncation or mangling of expressions over 255 characters in length

There’s a weakness in Access/JET that if a expression outputs a string longer than 255 characters

... read more