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Posts From February, 2012

Tilecache: how to stop tilecache_seed.py bailing out with HTTP 502 errors

We are using TileCache http://tilecache.org/ to create caches of Ordnance Survey data of various flavours, for use in high demand web sites. We are tending to pre-seed the caches, then access them... read more

How to fix orphaned SQL Server users

When you restore a Microsoft SQL Server database on a different machine, you cannot access the database until you fix the permissions. The solution is of course common knowledge now, but I can... read more

ACCDE problems on Access 2010 (and Access 2010 SP1)

We’ve had a bit of bother over the past few weeks, where an Access application compiled as an .accde file in Access 2010 would not run on other machines. The error messages encountered varied... read more

Adding files to a SharePoint document list with MS Access – how to add new files

MS Access can be a nice interface onto SharePoint. We’ve been implementing this for a client, allowing files and metadata that are managed in HBSMR (Access UI onto SQL Server database) to be... read more