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Posts From March, 2013

Distributed File System (DFS) problems in ThumbsPlus 7

While installing LibraryLink and ThumbsPlus with a local authority client yesterday, we hit DFS problems immediately – images un-cataloguing themselves before our eyes, and thumbnails not appearing... read more

When GeoServer forgets about GeoWebCache

I’ve been setting up some new mapping services (WMS) in GeoServer, with GeoWebCache allowing the map tiles to be cached for performance. For this to work, and for the WMS to use its cache of tiles,... read more

Transferring user accounts from ASP.NET to MojoPortal

Occasionally we need to transfer user accounts from existing ASP.NET membership based sites into MojoPortal Note : if the databases are on the same server, or can be linked, then it is possible to ... read more