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Posts From May, 2013

Fixing ArcGIS personal geodatabase autonumber problem

A number of HBSMR clients have been experiencing problems with creating new features in ArcGIS personal geodatabases via MapLink, resulting in a error similar to this: Your edits could not be... read more

asp.net - json compression

Dynamic content compression does not work by default in asp.net for ‘application/json’ mime types, and given that we’re doing more mobile apps and client side data requests this can make quite a... read more

Find "Godzillas" in your ArcGIS feature class (by counting vertices)

A useful way to select and generalise only the more complex features
To count the number of vertices: Add a new field to the feature class called, for example, VertexCount Use the Calculate Field tool within the attribute table, or in ArcToolbox, with the... read more

Corrupt VHD disks and possible ways to repair

A corrupt VHD can spoil your day! Sometimes the can appear fine, but you are unable to move / copy them as they are written over a bad sector on the disk and the copy process appears to be working... read more