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Posts From June, 2012

How to avoid version dependency when developing mojoPortal custom features

When developing custom modules for mojoPortal, the standard guidance (e.g. see http://www.mojoportal.com/developmentonwindows.aspx) is to develop against the latest source code. However we have... read more

Creating bootable usb vhd

You can create a vhd which is entirelt bootable from a USB stick. Notes: Only works with Win7 Ultimate or Server 2008 R2 (or later) The vhd will be dependent on the hardware of the machine it was... read more

Revealed: the Identity of the ApplicationPoolIdentity

While setting up a new mojoPortal site I tried our running the application pool with the identity “ApplicationPoolIdentity”. Previously we have tended to create a specific user account for each site... read more

ArcGIS: Table of Contents problems with dual monitors

Basically the user was complaining that they could not turn layers on and off in the Table of Contents (the left hand pane) but they could go in to the properties of the layer and turn... read more

Inspecting web service requests from Quantum GIS with Fiddler

When connecting to any mapping web service, such as a WMS of WFS, just occasionally things don’t work first time (or is that just me…?). When this happens it is useful to be able to inspect the HTTP... read more