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Posts From July, 2012

MapServer Templates: Item tags to modify output data

You can add item tags to the [] in MapServer template files. Useful for tidying number fields, strings etc and coping with NULL fields name: the name of the attribute to be... read more

Installing IIS and configuring for .NET Framework 4

Installing IIS on Windows 7 Follow the instructions in http://razibdeb.wordpress.com/2011/01/18/how-to-install-iis-on-windows-7 with the additional step of ticking on the IIS Management Console in ... read more

Setting up Remote Desktop Gateway

This describes how to setup a remote desktop gateway on a Server 2008 R2 machine which is not on a domain. Note that this is not a truely recommended structure as ideally the gateway should be on a... read more

Configuring .ini files to use in-built and custom MS Access functions

When configuring the mapping section of an .ini file for any exeGesIS product it is important to understand the limitations that apply to the use of functions when specifying the data to be transfered from relational database to GIS.

... read more