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Posts From August, 2012

Windows updates break MS Common Controls Tree Control

This is a replacement blog-post, based on our developing understanding of the problem and users' experiences. It appears that the update that disrupts the operation of 'tree' controls in HBSMR v3 and ... read more

HBSMR Consultation Stages not displaying correctly

HBSMR Consultation Stages not displaying correctly. Fixed by updating screen driver.

Using fusion log to look for missing dlls

This allows you to log details on all unresolved dll references in detail Script to enable / disable logging can be downloaded from (see end of page)... read more

Ensuring scale bars and measurements are accurate on projected OpenLayers maps

Make sure you set geodesic: true when adding a ScaleLine or Measure control to an OpenLayers map that uses a projected coordinate system - particularly spherical mercator, which is very inaccurate ... read more

When a new installation of MapInfo Pro prompts for MAPINFOW.FNT etc

On starting MapInfo Pro, it prompts for the location of MAPINFOW.FNT (and a few similar files). A file search shows that these files do not exist on the machine. This typically occurs when an ... read more