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Opening ESRI Personal Geodatabases in QGIS

In the more recent 64-bit versions of QGIS it is no longer possible to open ESRI personal geodatabases using the 'Add vector layer' functionality. However, it is possible to enable access to personal ... read more

QGIS field calculator backslash gotcha

Quantum GIS has a powerful field calculator, similar to that in ArcGIS, and described here. I was using it to update a tile index shapefile for use with GeoServer and a folder full of georeferenced... read more

Inspecting web service requests from Quantum GIS with Fiddler

When connecting to any mapping web service, such as a WMS of WFS, just occasionally things don’t work first time (or is that just me…?). When this happens it is useful to be able to inspect the HTTP... read more

Some jottings on SQL Azure and GIS

I have set up a SQL Azure 90 day trial (as of 18th November) to test whether ArcSquirrel can work

... read more