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Fisher Knowledge Questionnaire Update

Client: Bangor University Fisheries and Conservation Science Group

Fisher Knowledge Questionnaire UpdateExegesis SDM were contracted by Bangor University to adapt the FishMap Mon data capture tool for ArcGIS so that they could use it to capture data for their Fisher Knowledge Questionnaire.

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Development of Fishing Effort Toolkit

Client: Cefas

Fishing Effort Map - TrawlingexeGesIS SDM undertook two projects for Cefas to create and update a bespoke Fishing Effort Toolkit that allowed end users to process raw GPS tracks and sighting data and undertake a standardised process to calculate fishing effort for one or more years.

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Options for an inventory of Annex I habitats

Client: Natural England

Options for an inventory of Annex 1 habitatsExegesis investigated the options for creating an Annex I habitat inventory for England. This involved a review of approaches taken by other European Union countries and the data available in the UK. A recommended approach was suggested, along with the provision of prototype inventories to show potential coverage.

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Volumetric analysis using a mini-plane DSM

Client: Natural Resources Wales

Volumetric analysis using a mini-plane DSMExegesis undertook an aerial survey of a site and orthorectified and mosaicked the imagery to create a single image. We also generate a digital surface model, which was compared against lidar data to give the change in height. We then determined the volume of additional material within patches identified from the aerial photography.

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Norfolk Heritage Explorer

Client: Norfolk Historic Environment Service

Norfolk Heritage ExplorerWorking closely together with Norfolk Landscape Archaeology we developed the Norfolk Heritage Explorer, a sophisticated website making Norfolk's rich Historic Environment Record data accessible to the public. The website has recently been given a facelift, becoming the first of our heritage websites to use the mojoPortal CMS.

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Mapping Green Infrastructure delivery

Client: Natural England

exeGesIS collated maps of Green Infrastructure (GI) delivery and captured the information. Areas of UK priority habitats and other GI were separately mapped and attributed. In total, 753 cases were mapped amounting to 3,485 polygons (21,342 ha).

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Distribution of fisheries habitats

Client: Countryside Council for Wales (now Natural Resources Wales)

Map of fishing activity within protected marine sitesexeGesIS SDM created a set of MapBasic tools to analyse the distribution of fisheries habitats and fishing activity relative to Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and SAC Features.


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Wales Coast Path Condition Survey

Client: Natural Resources Wales / Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru

Wales Coast Path LogoexeGesIS and Natural Resources Wales (NRW) undertook a 1,200 km survey of the Wales Coast Path prior to its opening. This was used to establish a baseline for the condition of the path and provide a resource for those responsible for its management. exeGesIS worked with NRW to establish the methodology for the survey.

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Highland HER Online

Client: The Highland Council

Highland HER coverageexeGesIS was commissioned by The Highland Council to migrate their existing Historic Environment Record (HER) systems into our HBSMR application platform. With an area the size of a small country, a key part of this work was to publish the HER online, to make it more accessible to Highland residents and heritage professionals.

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Creating a provisional wood-pasture and parkland inventory for England

Client: Natural England

Wood-pasture and parkland inventoryOver a series of projects exeGesIS created a spatial inventory of wood pasture and parkland in England. Data were assessed against historic maps and aerial photography, as well as modern data sources. Ground truthing was undertaken in two regions. The resulting inventory mapped 156,838 ha of wood-pasture and parkland.

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