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A Guide to the Ordnance Survey Archaeological Records

Our HBSMR application is for collecting and managing Historic Environment Record (HER) data, usually as the permanent inventory for an area, and sometimes for short-term data collection or research... read more

Fixing ArcGIS personal geodatabase autonumber problem

A number of HBSMR clients have been experiencing problems with creating new features in ArcGIS personal geodatabases via MapLink, resulting in a error similar to this: Your edits could not be... read more

MapLink issue when packaged with ArcMap 10 and HBSMR or CAMS using AppV

ArcGIS (v10 on) no longer reads component categories from the registry, instead component category information is read from configuration files (*.ecfg) stored in: C:\Program Files... read more

Handling different character encodings when importing tabular data from CSV

I’ve been fixing some minor issues with the utility in HBSMR that imports data from the Portable Antiquities Scheme. One issue was that some characters were mojibaked during the import, for example... read more

Windows updates break MS Common Controls Tree Control

This is a replacement blog-post, based on our developing understanding of the problem and users' experiences. It appears that the update that disrupts the operation of 'tree' controls in HBSMR v3 and ... read more

HBSMR Consultation Stages not displaying correctly

HBSMR Consultation Stages not displaying correctly. Fixed by updating screen driver.

Multiple SQL Server log-in failures caused by connection string error - HBSMRv3

A SQL Server DBA reported many login failures in his SQL logs. These failures were not apparent to system users. The connection string included the clause <Trusted_Connections=Yes>, this should have been <Trusted_Connection=Yes>. Once the connection string had been corrected the log-in failures stopped.

... read more

HBSMR v3.x MIDAS XML export: bad schema reference

The MIDAS xml export from the HBSMR Monument Index form includes an out-of-date URL link for the MIDAS xml schema. This means that anybody trying to import the data into a database or other... read more

AGI Cymru Conference 2011: HBSMR Mobile presentation

Held at Cardiff City Hall at the end of November, the AGI Cymru winter conference was attended by around 80 people and had a fair mix of managers and developers from different organizations around ... read more

MS Access DAO recordset + SQL Server: how to get the ID of a newly inserted record

Sometimes when inserting records programmatically you want to create a parent record first, then add records into related tables where the Foreign Key is on an autonumber field. Therefore you need to ... read more
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