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CMSi BARS Export Module

Client: Natural England

CMSi BARS Export ModuleWe developed a module to help site managers convert their CMSi projects to BARS actions that could be easily added to the BARS website. Following consultation with the BARS technical team, a plugin interface was designed to combine simplicity, transparency and usability.

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CMSi Designated Sites System

Client: Natural England

Development of CMSi Property & Agreements ModuleExegesis is extending CMSi for Natural England to allow it to be used for managing all designated sites in England. This will allow users to record the features on designated sites, their condition, the ownership on those sites, find out which other designations overlap their site including which SSSIs legally underpin Natura2000 sites.

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Client: Natuurmonumenten

Development of CMSi APIThe CMSi API is a set of web services that allows CMSi data to be exported and imported into other systems via a standard HTTP requests. The API is available for all plugin modules to CMSi (for example the Property and Agreements module, Observations and Vegetation module) and is part of the core CMSi system.

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CMSi Property & Agreements Module

Client: GBNL (a consortium of Dutch conservation organisations) and CMSC

Development of CMSi Property & Agreements ModuleexeGesIS created a set of modules that allowed ownership data, all property transactions, agreements, rights and assets to be integrated with site and management plan data held in CMSi. This transforms CMSi into a complete site management system rather than just about conservation planning and recording.

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Species Observations and Vegetation Recording Module

Client: GBNL (a consortium of Dutch conservation organisations)

Species observation and vegetation recording module for the Conservation Management System CMSiThe observations and vegetation mapping module for CMSi was developed to allow managers to integrate wildlife records and vegetation surveys with their site data. This covers site monitoring projects, incidental records, data browsing and filtering, and includes a sophisticated report wizard.

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Development of CMSi for use as a protected area management system for Netherlands

Client: GBNL (a consortium of Dutch conservation organisations) and the CMS Consortium

Development of CMSi for protected area managementexeGesIS designed and developed CMSi for a consortium of Dutch organisations and the CMS Consortium. This tool is now used across the Netherlands for managing nature conservation protected areas.

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Management plans for sites in Northern Ireland

Client: National Trust

exeGesIS produced a set of 20 management plans for some of Northern Ireland's top sites for the National Trust. This was done through a series of workshops with wardening staff. The final plans were handed over in CMS, giving the managers a tool to record planned activities and data collected. CMS training was also provided.

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Topla Landscape Park Management Plan

Client: Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation

Capercaillie © Fred J. / GFDLWe facilitated a management planning workshop to prepare a CMS plan for the Topla Landscape Park. Topla is a small alpine valley in northern Slovenia and has many SAC and SPA features including beech forests, capercaillie, black grouse and pygmy owls.

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