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Scrambled maps with Internet Explorer 10 and OpenLayers (and how to unscramble them)

Today I let my Windows 7 laptop upgrade to IE10… some time later, I needed to take a look at one of our web mapping sites – the SFCC Angling Diary. After a few minutes of use, the map went weird as... read more

WMS GetFeatureInfo in OpenLayers on right click

Assuming that one already has a WMSGetFeatureInfo on the map then its quite simple: Add new class Use new class New class // A control class for capturing click... read more

Ensuring scale bars and measurements are accurate on projected OpenLayers maps

Make sure you set geodesic: true when adding a ScaleLine or Measure control to an OpenLayers map that uses a projected coordinate system - particularly spherical mercator, which is very inaccurate ... read more

Some notes about setting up ​Tilecache for the Ordnance S​urvey Open Data

Background Increasingly we are using Ordnance Survey Open Data as a background map option in web sites, and also in desktop systems where no other mapping is available. We have so far served... read more

Map Icons

This site has a large selection of map icons that are free to use (credit requested) with customisable colours: http://mapicons.nicolasmollet.com/ read more