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When GeoServer SQL Server stores won’t load on a new server

We’ve been migrating a large GeoServer instance onto a new Windows 2019 server. The old GeoServer instance was running version 2.7, the new one version 2.15.1. Nearly everything “just worked” after... read more

How to remove .png files recursively from a folder tree without removing .png8 files too

We have some large GeoWebCache caches of Ordnance Survey map tiles in .png8 format. Unfortunately a few million .png files have crept into the caches too (accidental bad config at some point),... read more

Configuring Geoserver with Geo web cache (GWC)

The aim of this is to improve the performance of our mapping (obvious really I hope) both in terms of the speeds a user experiences and in terms of the number of users our server can support. In... read more

GeoServer WFS fails on SQL Server tables/views with GUID data type

Just a quick note that might be useful to some. The problem... If you publish a SQL Server (in this case 2014) table or view with a GUID field using GeoServer (version 2.10), it will fail to... read more

How to change the port for GeoServer on Windows with Jetty

Faced with the task of upgrading a production GeoServer under heavy constant use, I decided to install the newer version alongside first, migrate the content, then make the switch when I was happy... read more

WMS/WFS down when a GeoServer store is disabled after Windows updates

Last night some of our servers restarted after scheduled updates, and we awoke to warning emails that some of our GIS web services were down. The affected WMS/WFS services were from GeoServer, so we... read more

Presenting GeoServer on port 80 on a Windows IIS Server

We run several instances of GeoServer on Windows servers, using the Jetty web server included in the GeoServer for Windows installer. By default this results in a service running on an address like... read more

Invalid column name problem with GeoServer 2.3 and SQL Server views

I have been getting this error with a WMS layer based on a SQL Server 2008 view, when using a GetFeatureInfo request: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.io.IOException java.io.IOException null... read more

When GeoServer forgets about GeoWebCache

I’ve been setting up some new mapping services (WMS) in GeoServer, with GeoWebCache allowing the map tiles to be cached for performance. For this to work, and for the WMS to use its cache of tiles,... read more

Further load testing of GeoServer and MapServer (and tilecache)

My previous load testing of GeoServer and MapServer involved requesting just one 256x256 pixel map across all the virtual user sessions. In this test, GeoServer performed stunningly well so long as... read more
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