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How to remove .png files recursively from a folder tree without removing .png8 files too

We have some large GeoWebCache caches of Ordnance Survey map tiles in .png8 format. Unfortunately a few million .png files have crept into the caches too (accidental bad config at some point),... read more

A Guide to the Ordnance Survey Archaeological Records

Our HBSMR application is for collecting and managing Historic Environment Record (HER) data, usually as the permanent inventory for an area, and sometimes for short-term data collection or research... read more

MapServer and GeoServer (and tilecache) comparison serving Ordnance Survey raster maps

With two WMS running off identical data on the same server, I thought it would be interesting to compare speeds and the map output. So I lined up a map request with identical parameters to both... read more

Some notes about setting up ​Tilecache for the Ordnance S​urvey Open Data

Background Increasingly we are using Ordnance Survey Open Data as a background map option in web sites, and also in desktop systems where no other mapping is available. We have so far served... read more