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Tilecache: how to stop tilecache_seed.py bailing out with HTTP 502 errors

We are using TileCache http://tilecache.org/ to create caches of Ordnance Survey data of various flavours, for use in high demand web sites. We are tending to pre-seed the caches, then access them... read more

MapServer and GeoServer (and tilecache) comparison serving Ordnance Survey raster maps

With two WMS running off identical data on the same server, I thought it would be interesting to compare speeds and the map output. So I lined up a map request with identical parameters to both... read more

Some notes about setting up ​Tilecache for the Ordnance S​urvey Open Data

Background Increasingly we are using Ordnance Survey Open Data as a background map option in web sites, and also in desktop systems where no other mapping is available. We have so far served... read more