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WMS/WFS down when a GeoServer store is disabled after Windows updates

Last night some of our servers restarted after scheduled updates, and we awoke to warning emails that some of our GIS web services were down. The affected WMS/WFS services were from GeoServer, so we... read more

Don't forget the PG tip

When opening a PostGIS datasource using the OGR C# wrapper in .Net, the connection string must have "PG:" prefix, as follows: ... Imports OSGeo.OGR ... Dim drv As OSGeo.OGR.Driver... read more

PostgreSQL simple backup and restore

To backup in verbose text format (from Windows/DOS command line): pg_dump -C -f backupfile.sql -h localhost -p 5433 -U postgres databasename To restore backup in verbose text format (from... read more