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How to do a typeahead incremental search control in Microsoft Access

When a user needs to find an existing record or value by typing something in a box, it is well recognized that a "typeahead" or incremental search is a powerful and user-friendly solution. Of... read more

Handling different character encodings when importing tabular data from CSV

I’ve been fixing some minor issues with the utility in HBSMR that imports data from the Portable Antiquities Scheme. One issue was that some characters were mojibaked during the import, for example... read more

ACCDE problems on Access 2010 (and Access 2010 SP1)

We’ve had a bit of bother over the past few weeks, where an Access application compiled as an .accde file in Access 2010 would not run on other machines. The error messages encountered varied... read more

Adding files to a SharePoint document list with MS Access – how to add new files

MS Access can be a nice interface onto SharePoint. We’ve been implementing this for a client, allowing files and metadata that are managed in HBSMR (Access UI onto SQL Server database) to be... read more

MS Access DAO recordset + SQL Server: how to get the ID of a newly inserted record

Sometimes when inserting records programmatically you want to create a parent record first, then add records into related tables where the Foreign Key is on an autonumber field. Therefore you need to ... read more