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Serving Ordnance Survey rasters with GeoServer and MapServer - some irks and quirks

I’ve been preparing a tilecache of UK Ordnance Survey mapping for a couple of big projects, combining Open Data with licensed Landranger (1:50,000) and Explorer (1:25,000) mapping. The tilecache... read more

AGI Cymru Conference 2011: HBSMR Mobile presentation

Held at Cardiff City Hall at the end of November, the AGI Cymru winter conference was attended by around 80 people and had a fair mix of managers and developers from different organizations around ... read more

AGI Cymru Conference 2011: GIS in the cloud

Laine Skinner from ESDM presented under the ‘New Directions’ theme at the AGI Cymru Conference. Held at Cardiff City Hall at the end of November, the AGI Cymru winter conference was attended by... read more

Some jottings on SQL Azure and GIS

I have set up a SQL Azure 90 day trial (as of 18th November) to test whether ArcSquirrel can work

... read more

Notes on importing spatial data into SQL Server 2008

There are a variety of ways to do this, but often you will hit issues with data validity. If you have our ArcGIS Maplink product (or ArcSquirrel) then loading data in using this into a... read more

Where to find the Ordnance Survey registration files

The registration files (world files and tab files) for all Ordnance Survey raster datasets can be downloaded from: http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/products/geo-referencing.html These are... read more

Using ECWs without world files in MapInfo

If you have ECW map images without world files, they may work fine in ArcGIS but MapInfo won't put them in the right place as it can't read the header information in the ECW. You could opening them... read more

GIS conversion web site

This site can convert just about anything to just anything else. E.g. I used it to do MapInfo to KML and GPX. I think it uses ogr2ogr under the... read more
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