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A regular expression for numbers from 0 to 100

I've been creating a web questionnaire (using the Forms Wizard module for mojoPortal CMS) that includes some questions where the answers were to be expressed as integer percentages. How to validate... read more

asp.net - json compression

Dynamic content compression does not work by default in asp.net for ‘application/json’ mime types, and given that we’re doing more mobile apps and client side data requests this can make quite a... read more

IE10 errors when clicking icons in mojoPortal and ASP.Net 4 web sites fixed with .Net 4.5

I’ve noticed a couple of mojoPortal sites throwing errors when I click image buttons in the administration pages. For example, when editing page settings, clicking the little spanner icon to edit the ... read more

asp.net - UI culture and dates

Don't rely on DateTime.Now.ToString() to populate varchar database fields that are used for holding dates. Or even better still don't use varchar fields for holding dates in the database - unless... read more