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GeoServer WFS fails on SQL Server tables/views with GUID data type

Just a quick note that might be useful to some. The problem... If you publish a SQL Server (in this case 2014) table or view with a GUID field using GeoServer (version 2.10), it will fail to... read more

Using R with spatial data

R is a cross platform statistical package which is becoming extremely widely used. It is modular and so there are all sorts of add ins available, including a number of sophisticated tools for... read more

Serving Ordnance Survey rasters with GeoServer and MapServer - some irks and quirks

I’ve been preparing a tilecache of UK Ordnance Survey mapping for a couple of big projects, combining Open Data with licensed Landranger (1:50,000) and Explorer (1:25,000) mapping. The tilecache... read more

Some jottings on SQL Azure and GIS

I have set up a SQL Azure 90 day trial (as of 18th November) to test whether ArcSquirrel can work

... read more

Don't forget the PG tip

When opening a PostGIS datasource using the OGR C# wrapper in .Net, the connection string must have "PG:" prefix, as follows: ... Imports OSGeo.OGR ... Dim drv As OSGeo.OGR.Driver... read more

Mapserver 6 and regular expressions

In earlier versions of mapserver you might have a regular expression that looked like: EXPRESSION ('[HAB_TYPE]' =~/^A1.1/)   If you try this with mapserver 6 however (especially on large datasets)... read more