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Wood-pasture and parkland data analysis

Client: Natural England

The saproxylic beetle Trypodendron signatum. © Mike Lush, 2016We demonstrated through spatial processing and statistical analysis that it may be possible to predict wood pasture and parkland quality. This project generated a model that could be used to target survey effort to those sites with the highest predicted quality.

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Definition and mapping of open mosaic habitats on previously developed land: phase 2 testing methods and developing the habitat inventory

Client: Defra

The hoverfly Xylota sylvarumWe identified the key features and enhanced knowledge of the distribution of UK BAP Open Mosaic Habitats on Previously Developed Land. This involved the development of a survey methodology and a survey of 98 sites to identify OMH habitat, including a survey of invertebrates on 50 - the largest single survey of its kind in the UK.

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