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Change Data Tracking for SQL Server

Change Data Capture records INSERTs, UPDATEs, and DELETEs applied to SQL Server tables, and makes a record available of what changed, where, and when. It can be configured for individual tables (and... read more

How to set up a MapInfo DBMS table from SQL Server without a DSN

A quick note to say that it is definitely possible to use a SQL Server spatial table in MapInfo Professional without an ODBC DSN. There's not much about this on the web, and the normal methods of... read more

MapInfo automatic node generation (aka stream digitizing)

Originally posted by Timothy Derbyshire. You can press the N key on the keyboard to activate MapInfo's AutoNode function - this means that you can click once to start plotting your line, and then... read more

Optimising SQL Server spatial indexing - let sql do the work..

Note – this will take a LONG time to run – quite possibly many hours - on a big dataset as it drops and recreates the index using different parameters – sledgehammer approach, but given the... read more

SQL Server Manager Studio 2008 bug expanding database list

There is a bug within SSMS 2008 where if you connect to a db server using an account that does not have any rights to some of the database you can get an error when trying to expand the database list ... read more

ArcGIS MapLink: finding and checking dll registration

The ArcGIS extension (XGMapLinkArcGISExtension.dll) is located using COM registration. If you have multiple installations it can be confusing working out which copy you are actually running.... read more

Presenting GeoServer on port 80 on a Windows IIS Server

We run several instances of GeoServer on Windows servers, using the Jetty web server included in the GeoServer for Windows installer. By default this results in a service running on an address like... read more

Some useful SQL server scripts relating to indexes


Invalid column name problem with GeoServer 2.3 and SQL Server views

I have been getting this error with a WMS layer based on a SQL Server 2008 view, when using a GetFeatureInfo request: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.io.IOException java.io.IOException null... read more

Looking at PERC Raid controller log files for disk errors

Log files can be obtained from Dells OpenManage interface – see below: This can show up disk errors and RAID errors for disks that have yet themselves to flag themselves as failing. This can cause... read more
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