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Dr. Hartmut Tschauner

Hartmut is a software developer specialising in spatial desktop and mobile applications.

Hartmut is responsible for the MapLink for ArcGIS and QGIS and GISquirrel products. He also develops bespoke desktop and web solutions for spatial data management and analysis.

He is an archaeologist by training, with a MA from the University of Bonn and a PhD from Harvard.

Prior to joining Exegesis in 2009, he was an academic archaeologist, teaching archaeological computing and directing archaeological GIS laboratories at Harvard, Seoul National University, the Catholic University of Peru, and the State University of New York. His research focused on digital data collection methods, software solutions for archaeological applications, spatial statistics and archaeological GIS. For over a decade he conducted field research into ancient Andean craft specialization and urbanism in Peru and Bolivia.

In his spare time, he keeps in touch with the academic world, consulting, advising students and collaborating on the occasional research publication. He is also a news junkie and an avid Latin jazz fan.

Dr. Hartmut Tschauner

Hartmut Tschauner

Software Developer



Telephone: 03330146896