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Kevin Griffiths

Kevin is an experienced .NET and WinForms developer.

Starting his career as an IBM mainframe programmer in 1985, Kevin made the transition to Microsoft technologies in 2000 and most has recently specialised in WinForms applications.

Kevin graduated in History from Exeter University. He then developed an interest in nature conservation and studied conservation before gaining a degree in Biology from the Open University. Kevin’s post graduate qualifications include Microsoft server technologies (Open University), Computing for Commerce and Industry (Open University) and Ecology and Conservation (University of London).

Kevin is a keen walker, cyclist and runner – though his running tends to be confined to the lowlands and he doesn't think he could stay for long with Stewart and Crispin in the hills.

Kevin Griffiths

Kevin Griffiths

Software Developer

Email: KevinGriffiths@esdm.co.uk

Telephone: 01874 713074