Aerial survey, mapping, video and volumetric services

Vertical habitat survey

Coastal vertical aerial photo survey
Fixed wing drones are used for vertical aerial
surveys up to 50km2 - Photo by Jose Llamas

Bespoke, high resolution vertical and oblique air photography, video fly-bys, ortho-mosaics and digital surface modelling(DSM).  Surveys for:

  • Habitat and landscape mapping
  • Land-surface height change analysis
  • Building and cliff 3D inspection and modelling
  • Beach, construction and waste material volumetrics
  • Public consultation video fly-bys
  • Coastal bird counts and monitoring
  • Upland and lowland peat bog restoration projects
  • Heritage site conservation planning
  • Multispectral vegetation mapping including production of NDVI and false colour orthomosaics

Using one of our three autonomous drones we can capture the highest resolution images, generate ortho-mosaics and surface height models all accurately registered to the Ordnance Survey National Grid or local coordinate system, where you want them and when you want them.

Low water shoreline habitat surveys
Low water shoreline habitat surveys - Photo by Tim Hill

We can process the aerial photography and video to produce accurate habitat maps, 3D surface models, fly-by videos, material volumes or subtract from historic lidar data to identify areas of height change.  Using the multi-spectral sensor we can produce false colour and normalised difference vegetation index maps of your sites, or provide you with the data for you to analyse.

Multi-rotor survey drone used for video fly-bys and oblique surveys
Drone used for video & buildings/cliff surveys
Photo by Jared Brashier

About our survey drones and operators

We fly fixed wing and multi-rotor drones which allow us to carry out vertical surveys of small or large areas, oblique surveys of buildings and rock faces or to film fly-bys and overview videos.  We have operators based in the Brecon Beacon National Park and also in Lincolnshire, enabling us to serve clients across the whole country.

We take care to carryout complete risk assessments and plan the surveys in detail using eMotion software to ensure that every survey runs smoothly:

Flight planning using eMotion

The drones are:

  • small, light and safe
  • autonomous - using pre-programmed flight paths
  • low-noiseelectric motors avoid disturbance to wildlife
  • high resolution - 'on the ground' resolution of up to 2 cm per pixel
  • Can carry high resolution cameras or multi-spectral sensors

We use next generation aerial imaging processing software from Pix4d to process the data, and can provide full support and data capture services to help you get the most from the orthomosaics and digital surface models created.

A senseFly drone in action.

What makes us different?

We are a well-respected environmental, IT and mapping company of some 25 years standing. We have 8 years experience of flying senseFly drones for environmental surveys, with our operators supported by our heritage, countryside management, ecology, GIS and photogrammetry specialists to ensure your get the best results at the lowest cost.

Building inspection and 3D modelling
Building inspection & 3D modelling supported by our heritage team
Photo by Red Zeppelin

Our clients include Natural Resources Wales, the National Trust, Natural England, English Heritage, RSPB, etc. plus over 150 local authorities, many private sector companies and charitable trusts and organisations. We have successfully completed thousands of flights since 2012, are fully insured and are licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority to undertake commercial work using any of our drones.  Infact we were the first UK Consultancy to use drones for environmental surveys back in 2012, so we have lots of experience, even for the most challenging jobs.

Example aerial photograph surveys

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