Exegesis Spatial Data Management


CAMS Web: A Secure Connection to the Outside World

CAMS Web is the internet enabled module for the Countryside Access Management System. It provides a multi-user link between your data and the outside world. 

  • Provide a high quality map service to members of the public 
  • View images and web links by clicking on the map
  • Provide access to live CAMS data via the web
  • Get network condition data from volunteers
  • Easier management of volunteer activities
  • Receive issues from the public
  • Adapt the web interface to match your corporate style
  • Navigate using advanced place and postcode searches

Our dedicated CAMS team can assist with the setup and configuration of CAMS Web, which can be hosted on your corporate servers or on our servers in London.



Further information

Contact Kathryn Steemson, or phone +44 (0)1874 713081