Conservation Management System
Software for Site Management

CMSi is the only tool that fully integrates all aspects of site management from conservation planning and recording to property and building management and species and habitat recording.


The strength of CMSi lies in it's flexibility. So, for instance, within your team you may have people who need to plan their management, those who simply need to record the work they've done and others who need to provide statistics on site condition and budget. Because CMSi takes a role-based approach, we can provide the required experience so users only see what they need to do their job. You will also have people who are office-based, others who work from a number of locations and others who are very much field-based. Again CMSi is able to support your staff through it's provision of web, desktop and mobile solutions to provide the complete system that is right for you.



CMSi's unique combination of web, desktop and survey ensures that each user has the system they need to carry-out their work no matter where they are.



Fully integrates all aspects of site management from site planning to habitat and species recording to property and cultural heritage management


Product Features

CMSi's  modular approach allows you to select the components you need to build the system that is right for you.

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CMSi is the system of choice for several national agencies and dozens of smaller organisations and is used to manage thousands of important sites across Europe and beyond.



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