The high resolution aerial photography provided by our drones have a wide range of potential applications.


Picture taken by mini-plane of treesLandscape and habitats

Particularly valuable where you need photos taken at specific times of the year to catch flowering events, or where access is difficult or dangerous, such as coastal zone and wetland sites.

Longer term monitoring of habitat restoration is also possible where time series data allow the effect of grazing management or intervention to be determined.


The relative inaccessibility and the landscape scale of modern forestry makes it an ideal target for the fixed wing drones. Applications include:

  • capture of images for harvesting and production planning purposes
  • access engineering
  • monitoring disease spread and tree condition
  • rapidly assessing the impacts of fire events

Parks and Gardens

Use to capture detailed images to record seasonal changes, for publication in public web mapping sites, for visitor guides, etc. Can also provide a valuable record and audit of plant and tree condition.


True colour and infrared mini-plane photographs of Pen-y-crug hill fort near Brecon
True colour and infrared mini-plane photographs of Pen-y-crug hill fort near Brecon, with inset showing image detail.

Aerial survey is an extremely cost-effective method for survey and base mapping of archaeological landscapes.

The ultra-high resolution of the photography makes it perfectly suited to both site and landscape aerial archaeology. This is supported by full geographical registration, ortho-rectification and 3D terrain modelling capabilities.

Crop stress patterns and landscape changes can be monitored in different seasons and at different times of day.

Detailed image base maps and surface models of your survey area can be prepared without the need for time-consuming ground survey.

Comprehensive pre-excavation site models and topographic maps can be created.

Ongoing excavations can be documented using seamless, high resolution, orthorectified image maps, including larger and landscape scale excavations. We can fly most sites in less than an hour and you can view the unprocessed outputs immediately — before you remove the next stratum.

Estate and Property Management

Picture taken by mini-plane over properties

Detailed images of estate and property can be a valuable management tool, whether used within a Geographic Information System or simply as a large scale picture. Repeating photography over time can also provide a useful picture of landscape change and the effects of management practices.

The ability of the aerial survey to generate 3D images provides an eye catching solution for promotional, marketing and sales purposes and we can supply outputs in a form directly for use on your local PC or on a website.

If you just want a framed picture to hang on your wall or a large working image across the wall of your estate office then we can provide that too.


Picture taken by mini-plane over fields

Determine the exact status of crops for planning and optimising management operations using up to date aerial photography. This is where the ability to specify the time of your flight and the instant availability of outputs comes to the fore.

Construction and Utilities

Construction site at Cranbrook New Town, Exeter surveyed by exeGesIS SDM

Although larger construction projects will always need detailed on-the-ground surveying, the ability to overlay high resolution imagery onto existing Digital Surface Models (DSM), or even create a DSM from the aerial imagery itself, provides a powerful additional information resource.

Flights can be scheduled to provide a full auditable history of engineering operations from pre-groundworks through to project completion and site reinstatement.

Outputs can be provided for use within a wide range of proprietary data management applications.

The use of aerial survey drones can also reduce costs for capturing and monitoring utility infrastructure.

Use with the Conservation Management System - CMSi

Screenshot of CMSi

Air Photo Service for Use with CMSi

CMSi is the software supported approach to adaptive management of important conservation and amenity areas. Already used to manage hundreds if not thousands of important sites, CMSi is set to become the standard approach to biodiversity and protected area management.

Developed over many years by a consortium of conservation organisations, the current version harnesses the latest mapping and database technology to create a highly functional and easy to use management tool.

CMSi has a built in mapping system to allow you to integrate your management plans and activities with your mapped sites and work locations. Detailed aerial imagery provides an ideal background for your mapped data, whether in place of or in addition to cartographic background maps. We can capture your images and set these up as part of your CMSi background imagery.

Further information about CMSi.

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