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Find "Godzillas" in your ArcGIS feature class (by counting vertices)

A useful way to select and generalise only the more complex features

To count the number of vertices:

  • Add a new field to the feature class called, for example, VertexCount
  • Use the Calculate Field tool within the attribute table, or in ArcToolbox, with the following Python expression - !shape!.pointcount
  • Sort the feature class on the VertexCount field to find the worst offenders. If there is any bad geometry the expression may trip up, which is informative in itself.
  • You can now select only the most complex features for generalising.

See the following article for more information. I have not tried the dicing method that is discussed later in the article: http://blogs.esri.com/esri/arcgis/2010/07/23/dicing-godzillas-features-with-too-many-vertices/