Free Exegesis Software

Exegesis provides a range of add-ons for MapInfo and ESRI GIS. Our latest addition to the range is GISquirrel. GISquirrel seamlessly integrates ArcGIS with powerful, relational databases using either Microsoft SQL Server or PostGIS.

If you wish to harness the combined power of ArcGIS and SQL Server / PostGIS, we are offering charities free licences for our ground-breaking GISquirrel product which provides:

  • Better performance over networks.
  • Multi-user editing with an ArcGIS Basic licence.
  • Easier integration of GIS with other database applications.
  • Ability to use other GIS clients on the same data (eg for web publishing).
  • Adherence to OGC standards.
  • More secure and sophisticated backup and restore facilities.
  • Better organization of your data.

See our GISquirrel website for further information.

If you are interested in a free copy of GISquirrel, please contact us for a chat.

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