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How to setup new file types in LibraryLink/ThumbsPlus

To register a new file type in LibraryLink/ThumbsPlus do the following (example: ".mdb" files):
  1. Open ThumbsPlus
  2. Go to "Options=>Preferences" and activate the "File Types" tab
  3. Click the "New..." button to create a new entry
  4. In the File Type Configuration window enter the extension (in this example ".mdb"), a description (e.g. "Microsoft Access Database") and select a category (i.e. "Other")
  5. Now enter the "Edit file using" section in the File Type Configuration window: Select "Command" from the drop-down list, then use the "..." button to navigate to the application EXE that can open your file type (i.e. "msaccess.exe"). Note that the full path to the application EXE will be displayed.
  6. Finally edit the application EXE path by adding "%F" to the end of it (make sure you include the ""!). This is essential as it will enable ThumbsPlus to open files that have spaces in their file or folder names.
  7. Done - test your new file type: registering a file and try to open it.



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