Exegesis Spatial Data Management


Mountains Motorised Recreational Vehicle Project

Client: Countryside Council for Wales & Local Government

This high profile project was funded by the Welsh Assembly Government as part of a program of research to improve the management of recreational vehicles in the countryside.

In order to determine the sustainability of Motorised Recreational Vehicle routes across a large part of mid-Wales a large body of existing digital information had to be collated and processed to a common format. The information related to soils, topography, ecological and archaeological interest and statutory designations. An important consideration was the effect of vehicular use on 'tranquillity' necessitating the creation of 'noise' or 'tranquillity' maps for the Cambrian Mountains region. Several hundred kilometres of routes and roads were surveyed and photographed to record the physical robustness and condition of vehicular routes. All data were processed and analysed to inform practical management and information was also published using interactive web mapping.

Interactive Webmap for CCW MRV project

Further information is available from Kathryn Steemson.