PDA Field Surveys

Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) are an affordable and practical option for field survey use. They can be programmed with your own survey form and questionnaire, and have touch sensitive screens to allow easy input of data. The units are robust, low-cost and reliable.


Compaq PDATrimble Nomad PDA

  • No paper forms to print, carry around, get wet or blow away in the wind.
  • Re-structure of long and complicated survey forms to give simple, easy to use screens.
  • Automatic downloading means no manual data entry saving errors and time.
  • 'Intelligent' forms make sure that only sensible data is accepted by the PDA and saves time cleaning data later on.
  • Multiple surveyors can participate in a survey, each with their own PDA
  • Direct connection to Global Positioning Systems for accurate grid references.
  • Tough, weatherproof PDA units called "Nomads"  are an excellent choice, as they do everything a standard PDA can, but also include a built in digital camera and GPS, and are resistant to damage in the field.
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