VERSION 2.1.1, released 18th March 2014

  1. Extended layer filtering to permit multiple parameters per layer with default values, and configurable labels and help texts.
  2. Fixed minor issue with info clicks.

VERSION 2.0.9, released 12th March 2014

  1. Added the ability for users to query/filter layers interactively, using three new configuration settings per layer. Applied filters are remembered between sessions.

VERSION 2.0.7, released 19th February 2014

  1. Added graticule tool for toggling presence/absence of a coordinate grid on the map.
  2. Made presence of map navigation tools a configurable option. If switched off, the map is controlled without selecting particular tools, which is more in keeping with the behaviour of (e.g.) Google Maps / Bing Maps.
  3. Added option to use simple "+/-" zoom bar instead of the full slider.
  4. Made the presence of the measure tool, grid, share and full screen buttons configurable.
  5. Fixed minor issue with layer control hierarchies (switching off a grandchild layer could wrongly switch off the root when a sibling was also switched on).
  6. Fixed issue where accordion panel in layer control could not be closed after opening it with the check box.
  7. Fixed cosmetic issue with the display of sub-groups on showing/hiding the parent.
  8. Added ability to specify coordinates for the origin of the tiling system, for tiled WMS.

VERSION 2.0.4, released December 2013

  1. Implemented plugin tab controls to allow custom tabs with functionality that can interact with the map.
  2. Allowed persistence of users' current view settings across sessions for multiple maps on different pages within the same web site.
  3. Added extra gazetteer configuration settings for searching on easting/northing or UK grid reference, plus changing the place name search provider.
  4. Enabled drag resizing of the layer control panel.
  5. Updated to OpenLayer 2.13.

VERSION 2.0.3, released August 2013

  1. Added new options for deeply hierarchical layer tree.
  2. Added new configuration to allow the map to fill the screen vertically rather than being fixed height.
  3. Added functionality to allow users to copy map link functionality.
  4. Updated to JQuery 1.9.

VERSION 2.0.2, released January 2013

  1. Permitted info templates to use html templates with javascript functions.

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