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CMSi Webinars

Llanerchaeron, Ceredigion
Weerepolder, The Netherlands, courtesy of Jan Smit, Landschap Noord Holland
Our webinars are an opportunity to view something of CMSi. It may be an area of the application that you are not currently using or perhaps one which you are but are wondering whether there are any other benefits to be gained from it. Other times we may have a look at what's new in a particular release or explore new ideas and developments.
The webinars will normally last around an hour and there are always opportunities for you to ask questions. And of course we're always interested to hear from you if you have any particular topics that you'd like us to explore.
If interested in attending this webinar drop us an email at cms@esdm.co.uk and we can invite you to the Teams meeting.


Scheduled webinars

CMSi Webinar - What's New in Desktop v3.14?

2pm 13th May 2021
An opportunity for you to see the new features in version 3.14 of CMSi Desktop. Scattered across the many forms and modules of CMSi Desktop, the features are not always big changes but nevertheless significant if you find yourself interacting with those areas of functionality. In this webinar we shall take a look at the most important of those changes and hopefully have a little gaze into the future to gain an idea of what we might expect for v3.15.
For an idea of what we will be covering, why not take a look at our Help pages? - What's new in v3.14?

CMSi Webinar - Simple Monitoring with Project Data

2pm 27th May 2021
A much-overlooked feature of Annual Projects is the ability to record what we refer to as Project Data. However, Project Data is quite a powerful tool that allows you to record both simple data about a project, such as the number of volunteers employed or area scrub removed, to actually quite full-blown monitoring. A page in our Help pages here not only gives an introduction to Project Data and how it may be used but also includes an example of how the feature may be used to carry-out Common Standards Monitoring for Lowland Heathland. So whilst our Survey and Monitoring module is undoubtedly the tool for complex, full-blown complex surveys, you may also find that Project Data in both Desktop and Web has the potential to meet your survey and monitoring requirements. 

CMSi Webinar - Asset Management - Inspections

2pm 10th June 2021

Furniture, buildings and other assets are an important component of our sites not only for their intrinsic value but also for the experience they offer to visitors. As site managers we have responsibilities towards these assets in terms of their maintenance. And very often of course it is incumbent upon us to maintain good inspection records for features such as bridges and walkways. A nice feature in CMSi is it's facility for recording inspection data against assets of all kinds. As we shall see, we can define a simple inspection regime and, as we add inspection records to it, build-up a chronology of condition over a period of time. Simple yet very effective. You can read more about Asset Inspection on our Help pages here.

To learn more, talk to other users or see CMSi in action, please contact us at +44 (0) 1874 711145 or cms@esdm.co.uk