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Distribution of fisheries habitats

Client: Countryside Council for Wales (now Natural Resources Wales)

Map of fishing activity within protected marine sitesexeGesIS SDM created a set of MapBasic tools to analyse the distribution of fisheries habitats and fishing activity relative to Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and SAC Features.


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Marine Planning Portal

Client: Marine Management Organisation

Marine Planning PortalWe developed the Marine Planning Portal web site as a way of publishing marine data and facilitating stakeholder engagement required for marine planning. Users were able to comment on the published data sets or on specific map features, allowing comments to be downloaded for further analysis and processing.

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Marine Recorder for JNCC

Client: Joint Nature Conservation Committee

Marine RecorderexeGesIS developed and provides support for Marine Recorder, a system for storing, managing and querying marine data. The system is used by some 40 organisations representing 130 individual users. We also provide training in the use of the software.

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Marine intertidal habitat review and assessment

Client: Countryside Council for Wales

Marine intertidal habitat analysis softwareexeGesIS analysed Marine Intertidal Phase 1 data for the whole of Wales using the standard CCW Conservation Assessment Protocol and a bespoke database application in Microsoft Access. This application reads and analysis the original survey data to produce reports containing the results, measured against SSSI selection criteria.

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Develop Interactive mapping for 'Mapping European Seabed Habitats'

Client: Joint Nature Conservation Committee

The MESH project gathered large amounts of marine habitat data from a number of European partners. These were standardised to produce a unified seabed habitat map using the best data available for each area. We produced web mapping for this project using open source Mapserver software.

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