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Opening ESRI Personal Geodatabases in QGIS

In the more recent 64-bit versions of QGIS it is no longer possible to open ESRI personal geodatabases using the 'Add vector layer' functionality. However, it is possible to enable access to personal ... read more

ArcGIS MapLink: finding and checking dll registration

The ArcGIS extension (XGMapLinkArcGISExtension.dll) is located using COM registration. If you have multiple installations it can be confusing working out which copy you are actually running.... read more

Fixing ArcGIS personal geodatabase autonumber problem

A number of HBSMR clients have been experiencing problems with creating new features in ArcGIS personal geodatabases via MapLink, resulting in a error similar to this: Your edits could not be... read more

Find "Godzillas" in your ArcGIS feature class (by counting vertices)

A useful way to select and generalise only the more complex features
To count the number of vertices: Add a new field to the feature class called, for example, VertexCount Use the Calculate Field tool within the attribute table, or in ArcToolbox, with the... read more

ArcGIS: Table of Contents problems with dual monitors

Basically the user was complaining that they could not turn layers on and off in the Table of Contents (the left hand pane) but they could go in to the properties of the layer and turn... read more

ArcGIS 10 - tips to improve editing responsiveness

If you are experiencing poor performance/responsiveness whilst editing features in ArcGIS v10 this can in many cases be remedied by turning off the new snapping tools, which are on as default in... read more

Some jottings on SQL Azure and GIS

I have set up a SQL Azure 90 day trial (as of 18th November) to test whether ArcSquirrel can work

... read more

Notes on importing spatial data into SQL Server 2008

There are a variety of ways to do this, but often you will hit issues with data validity. If you have our ArcGIS Maplink product (or ArcSquirrel) then loading data in using this into a... read more

Where to find the Ordnance Survey registration files

The registration files (world files and tab files) for all Ordnance Survey raster datasets can be downloaded from: http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/products/geo-referencing.html These are... read more