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How to hide the MapServer map file location on IIS (without writing any code)

We posted some notes a few days ago on how to set up MapServer WMS/WFS server on IIS. Someone called Dennis has commented appreciatively, but asked how to hide the location of the .map file and... read more

Invalid column name problem with GeoServer 2.3 and SQL Server views

I have been getting this error with a WMS layer based on a SQL Server 2008 view, when using a GetFeatureInfo request: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.io.IOException java.io.IOException null... read more

When GeoServer forgets about GeoWebCache

I’ve been setting up some new mapping services (WMS) in GeoServer, with GeoWebCache allowing the map tiles to be cached for performance. For this to work, and for the WMS to use its cache of tiles,... read more

WMS GetFeatureInfo in OpenLayers on right click

Assuming that one already has a WMSGetFeatureInfo on the map then its quite simple: Add new class Use new class New class // A control class for capturing click... read more

Inspecting web service requests from Quantum GIS with Fiddler

When connecting to any mapping web service, such as a WMS of WFS, just occasionally things don’t work first time (or is that just me…?). When this happens it is useful to be able to inspect the HTTP... read more