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When MapServer refuses to run in an ASP.NET Core MVC site (401 - unauthorized)

Well that was two hours I won’t get back, but I’ll make a note here in case it helps anyone else. I had simply overlooked one of those many tiny things…We use MapServer as a lightweight GIS engine in ... read more

Mapserver returning WFS attributes scrambled when using msplugin_mssql2008 plugin

We recently upgraded Mapserver to the current version for a project because we wanted the WFS id field to be populated in geojson which required a recent version of (OGR >=2.3) which was included... read more

How to hide the MapServer map file location on IIS (without writing any code)

We posted some notes a few days ago on how to set up MapServer WMS/WFS server on IIS. Someone called Dennis has commented appreciatively, but asked how to hide the location of the .map file and... read more

How to install the latest version of Mapserver as a Windows CGI application

This is intended to be a simple guide to producing a working MapServer CGI installation on Windows and IIS, suitable for serving up Web Mapping Services (WMS) or Web Feature Services (WFS), from the... read more

How to supply default values to MapServer runtime variables (using version 6.0x)

MapServer allows certain elements of the map file to be altered at runtime by passing in variables on the URL. This only applies when MapServer is running as a CGI application, and is documented... read more

Calling a secured WMS / WFS service from mapserver

Mapserver can be used in a cascading manner to call to other services, potentially combining them and maybe re-projecting before serving out again. Reasons for this might... read more

MapServer Templates: Item tags to modify output data

You can add item tags to the [] in MapServer template files. Useful for tidying number fields, strings etc and coping with NULL fields name: the name of the attribute to be... read more

Inspecting web service requests from Quantum GIS with Fiddler

When connecting to any mapping web service, such as a WMS of WFS, just occasionally things don’t work first time (or is that just me…?). When this happens it is useful to be able to inspect the HTTP... read more

Tilecache: how to stop tilecache_seed.py bailing out with HTTP 502 errors

We are using TileCache http://tilecache.org/ to create caches of Ordnance Survey data of various flavours, for use in high demand web sites. We are tending to pre-seed the caches, then access them... read more

Further load testing of GeoServer and MapServer (and tilecache)

My previous load testing of GeoServer and MapServer involved requesting just one 256x256 pixel map across all the virtual user sessions. In this test, GeoServer performed stunningly well so long as... read more
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