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Fisher Knowledge Questionnaire Update

Client: Bangor University Fisheries and Conservation Science Group

Fisher Knowledge Questionnaire UpdateExegesis SDM were contracted by Bangor University to adapt the FishMap Mon data capture tool for ArcGIS so that they could use it to capture data for their Fisher Knowledge Questionnaire.

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Development of Fishing Effort Toolkit

Client: Cefas

Fishing Effort Map - TrawlingexeGesIS SDM undertook two projects for Cefas to create and update a bespoke Fishing Effort Toolkit that allowed end users to process raw GPS tracks and sighting data and undertake a standardised process to calculate fishing effort for one or more years.

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Documentation of the NBN REST API

Client: Joint Nature Conservation Committee

Documenting the NBN REST web servicesexeGesIS was contracted by the JNCC to provide documentation for the REST API. This was aimed at hobbyist programmers and included a ‘cookbook’ showing how to make a REST call and interpret the response.

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CMSi BARS Export Module

Client: Natural England

CMSi BARS Export ModuleWe developed a module to help site managers convert their CMSi projects to BARS actions that could be easily added to the BARS website. Following consultation with the BARS technical team, a plugin interface was designed to combine simplicity, transparency and usability.

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HBSMR Data Merge for Peak District National Park Authority

Client: Peak District National Park Authority

Peak District National ParkThe Peak District National Park Authority has had access to the HER data of the five constituent local authorities, stored in separate HBSMR databases, for nearly ten years. In order for the National Park Authority to maintain SHINE (Selected Heritage Inventory for Natural England) data within the Park a merged dataset was required.

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Pennine Bridleway Survey

Client: Natural England

Pennine Bridleway SurveyIn early 2014, exeGesIS worked with Natural England on a baseline survey of the 330 km long Pennine Bridleway,  the only National Trail designed primarily for use by horse riders. This work involved developing the survey methodology, provision of survey equipment and technical support, and analysis of the data collected on the survey.

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Options for an inventory of Annex I habitats

Client: Natural England

Options for an inventory of Annex 1 habitatsExegesis investigated the options for creating an Annex I habitat inventory for England. This involved a review of approaches taken by other European Union countries and the data available in the UK. A recommended approach was suggested, along with the provision of prototype inventories to show potential coverage.

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South Downs Survey

Client: South Downs National Park Authority

South Downs SurveyThe South Downs National Park Authority asked exeGesIS to carry out a complete baseline survey of the Serpent Trail and the South Downs Way, totalling nearly 300 km. exeGesIS worked with the Authority to develop the methodology for the survey, and then completed all setup, fieldwork, data analysis and reporting in just eight weeks.

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Archive Transformation - Relocation to DeepStore

Client: Cambridgeshire County Council

CCC archive relocation to DeepStoreCambridgeshire County Council has relocated much of its archaeological archive to DeepStore in Cheshire. All items in the existing archive were recatalogued and exeGesIS provided a technical solution to capture archive data for inclusion in the county's Historic Environment Record, which is stored and managed in HBSMR.

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North York Moors Mobile Buildings at Risk Survey

Client: North York Moors National Park Authority

North York Moors Mobile Buildings at Risk SurveyWe worked with North York Moors National Park Authority to fulfil their Heritage At Risk Pilot project, developing a mobile “app” plus mechanisms for managing authentication and synchronising the survey data with the main Historic Environment Record database.

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