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Uploading disks and VMs to Azure

Subscriptions Before you can upload anything to Azure you need to make powershell aware of your Azure... read more

Configuring certificates for Azure backup

Azure backup allows you to securely link one or more servers to a backup store. For some reason I had some initial difficulties getting the certificates to all line up – so this is a quick note of... read more

Backing up and restoring Azure VMs

Note – none of the details below are required for simply creating and using VMs in Azure directly. The details come into play if you start ending to copy VHDs around and recreate VMs from... read more

Working with Azure storage

There are lots of ways using PowerShell to work with these – but they can be fiddly. However there is also a free tool: http://www.cerebrata.com/products/azure-explorer/introduction This allows... read more

Some jottings on SQL Azure and GIS

I have set up a SQL Azure 90 day trial (as of 18th November) to test whether ArcSquirrel can work

... read more