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Making our mojoPortal sites even more secure

I’ve just run a couple of our mojoPortal web sites through the test on https://asafaweb.com and thought I’d write up some notes on how to get the best possible test results (and therefore presumably... read more

How to make links open in a colorbox popup in mojoPortal (without writing any code)

I came across this by chance buried in some documentation about optimising mojoPortal site performance, so thought I’d make a note. If you want a link to open within a popup in the page, rather than... read more

mojoPortal not showing ColorBox

If your users complain that they can't see your nice pretty Colorbox popup add: IncludeColorbox="true" to the scriptloader in layout.master The ColorBox is included in the admin combiner, but... read more

IE10 errors when clicking icons in mojoPortal and ASP.Net 4 web sites fixed with .Net 4.5

I’ve noticed a couple of mojoPortal sites throwing errors when I click image buttons in the administration pages. For example, when editing page settings, clicking the little spanner icon to edit the ... read more

Transferring user accounts from ASP.NET to MojoPortal

Occasionally we need to transfer user accounts from existing ASP.NET membership based sites into MojoPortal Note : if the databases are on the same server, or can be linked, then it is possible to ... read more

How to set the spell checking language in CKEditor as used in mojoPortal

mojoPortal uses either CKEditor or TinyMCE as the default HTML editor. We tend to use CKEditor. The default configuration is American English. To change this in such a way that mojoPortal... read more

How to avoid version dependency when developing mojoPortal custom features

When developing custom modules for mojoPortal, the standard guidance (e.g. see http://www.mojoportal.com/developmentonwindows.aspx) is to develop against the latest source code. However we have... read more

Revealed: the Identity of the ApplicationPoolIdentity

While setting up a new mojoPortal site I tried our running the application pool with the identity “ApplicationPoolIdentity”. Previously we have tended to create a specific user account for each site... read more

How to set up a new mojoPortal site in 10 minutes

OK you had better have a .Net 4 IIS server and a SQL server already, or this is not going to work. And if sharing the web server with other sites, you should have a host name configured and pointing... read more

Trying out Multi-Mechanize web performance and load testing framework

Information and download from http://code.google.com/p/multi-mechanize/ UPDATE 14th March 2012: now moved to http://testutils.org/multi-mechanize Multi-Mechanize is an open source... read more
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