How to make links open in a colorbox popup in mojoPortal (without writing any code)

I came across this by chance buried in some documentation about optimising mojoPortal site performance, so thought I’d make a note.

If you want a link to open within a popup in the page, rather than the current browser tab or a new tab, this can be achieved simply by adding


to the hyperlink.

And this can be done easily in CKEditor from the hyperlink editor, using the Stylesheet Classes as shown here:


The result? This is a hyperlink to the home page of the exeGesIS web site.

For this to work the colorbox javascript has to be loaded with the page. When logged in as admin, or on pages with certain features like the image gallery, this is loaded automatically. But on other pages, as noted in Kate’s previous post, this will not be loaded unless you include this property in the ScriptLoader in layout.master:

<portal:ScriptLoader id="ScriptLoader1" runat="server" AssumejQueryIsLoaded="true" AssumejQueryUiIsLoaded="true" MojoCombinedFullScript="/mojocombined/mysitecombined.js"  IncludeColorBox="true" />


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