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Exegesis can develop web mapping systems to help you share data, undertake consultations and manage surveys, embedded in new or existing websites.

Web maps are now surprisingly cheap to develop, owing to improvements in the available technology and free mapping data. As a result, we are now delivering web mapping projects that would have cost £15,000 a few years ago, for under £5,000.

Web mapping allows data to be quickly published to the web in a fully interactive and dynamic way. This makes it a powerful tool for:

  • promoting your work
  • sharing information with others
  • collecting location specific information from others
  • managing surveys spread across a wide area

Web mapping systems can include tools to:

  • show and hide different types of information
  • zoom in to a specific location or out to a wider area
  • search for grid references, places and features
  • interrogate mapped items to show more information, including images and web links

Base-mapping provides valuable context, helping others to appreciate the location your data relates to. Options include:

  • free map data from OpenStreetMap, Google, Bing or Ordnance Survey
  • licensed Ordnance Survey data
  • licensed aerial photography

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