LibraryLink builds on the free open source ResourceSpace platform to provide comprehensive digital image and document management functionality. ResourceSpace is used by thousands of organizations worldwide to manage their collections, and is consistently rated as one of the leading DAM solutions.

LibraryLink adds a crucial extra dimension for real-world applications: the ability to cross-reference digital assets with your business records. This is achieved with a "plug-in" that extends ResourceSpace and its API, plus components that can be integrated into applications to display and open relevant digital assets.

LibraryLink tab in HBSMR

LibraryLink is a DAM that truly works with your line-of-business applications, supporting a variety of workflows, such as:

  • Illustrate an incident report with a photo.
  • Catalogue all of the plans and photos from an architectural survey, and identify the best images for publication.
  • Manage and access images from annual monitoring of a conservation.


LibraryLink asset preview and details


Adding new files, linking, ranking and unlinking are all simple drag-and-drop operations, with easy click/keystroke equivalents for good accessibility. There's no error-prone typing or pasting identifiers or URLs.

LibraryLink provides powerful searching to find digital assets. Matching results can then be linked to the current record.;

Integration of LibraryLink into 3rd-party applications is best achieved with a little assistance from our development team. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

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