GISquirrel for ArcGIS, SQL Server and PostGIS

GISquirrel allows you to view, edit and manage spatial data from Microsoft SQL Server or PostGIS in ArcGIS Desktop, without SDE, Server, ArcEditor or ArcInfo licences.

In response to requests from GIS users all over the world, GISquirrel is now compatible with PostGIS as well as SQL Server.

  • GISquirrel links ArcGIS/ArcMap "Basic" with Microsoft SQL Server (any version) or PostGIS, without SDE/Server or expensive desktop licensing.
  • If you don't have SQL Server already, you can use the free "Express" editions.
  • GISquirrel integrates spatial data with wider information management systems.
  • GISquirrel is simple to administer, cost-effective, powerful and scalable.
  • GISquirrel provide multi-user editing with an ArcGIS Basic (ArcView) licence.
  • GISquirrel brings OGC-compliance for cross-platform interoperability.
  • GISquirrel automatically manages spatial indexes and metadata.
  • GISquirrel is free for "not for profit" environmental benefit

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