HBSMR Themes Module

The Themes Module is a great tool for describing and explaining HER/SMR data. It can be used to generate thematic content reliably and quickly which can be published online with HBSMR Web and the HBSMR Gateway.

The Themes Module uses a built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor to generate web-ready content with embedded images managed in LibraryLink.

The flexible configuration of the HBSMR Themes Module allows for numerous possible uses, including:

  • Create thematic overviews of key places, site types or periods
  • Link your HER/SMR data into outreach and educational articles
  • Extend your HER to include historical events and processes
  • Create an illustrated glossary of technical terms
  • Document your recording/casework policies and procedures
  • Manage your research agendas within the HER/SMR


Example use of Themes Module in the Exmoor HBSMR Web site
Article created using the Themes Module and published using HBSMR Web. (Web page and images - Copyright © Exmoor National Park Authority.)


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