Digitising and Data Processing

  • Digitising

    We are very experienced at digitising definitive maps, statements and other countryside data. Please contact our GIS Consultant Claire Lush for further information or a quotation.

  • BS7666 conversion (What is BS7666?)

    The British Standard for rights of way data requires that map and text data is based on structured 'links' and 'whole routes'. We have developed automated routines that allow us to quickly and efficiently convert your existing map and text data into a BS7666 format. We have converted many authority datasets and often can do this for £500 or less for entire PROW networks. Contact Kathryn Steemson of our CAMS team for further information.

  • Path gradient accessibility analysis

    Using advanced GIS methods in conjunction with a digital terrain data, we are able to produce gradient maps for a single trail or an entire path network. We have invested in automating this process and can normally provide this service extremely cost effectively. For more information see Gradient Mapping, or for an example of a gradient map contact Kathryn Steemson.

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