CAMS Desktop

CAMS is used by many different types of users with different goals and expectations. We aim to cater for all levels, which means core CAMS features that are designed to make your job easier and more enjoyable, regardless of your responsibilities.

Open up our feature list below to see how CAMS is useful across many different roles. For a downloadable list or more information please see our Extended Features List or contact us directly.

Path Maintenance

CAMS will give you a structure to aid with maintaining your path network. Respond faster and provide more information to staff in the field.

  • Asset management of furniture and surfaces
  • Fault recording with contact management
  • Planning regular maintenance
  • Works orders and contractors
  • Inspection regimes
  • Task sheets with maps for field staff

Definitive Map Maintenance

The dedicated legal module for CAMS makes managing legal cases easy. With the ability to store any relevant documents in CAMS it's possible to keep a record of a legal case from start to finish and implement any resulting changes automatically.

  • Developed with George Keeping
  • Comprehensive recording of PPOs and DMOs
  • Updated with all relevant legislative changes
  • Order Plans
  • Manage consultations, consultee groups 
  • Generate notices and correspondence
  • Implementation of orders
  • Full path histories maintained
  • Traffic Regulation Orders

Open Access Land

CAMS assists with site management and holds land parcel information to inform the maintenance of the path network. Store information to inform the rest of your rights of way work and help you to make decisions.

  • Basis of access
  • Ownership
  • Provenance
  • Assets
  • Issue management
  • Section 13(6) Deposits
Screenshot of Land Form in CAMS showing Land attributes

Project Management

Projects in CAMS are a collection of assets, issues, tasks, people and resources that help to you manage your workload and are integrated throughout all other CAMS functions.

  • Create your own project types
  • Task management
  • Contact management
  • Regular maintenance regimes
  • Parish improvements
  • Bridge inspections

Volunteer Management

The dedicated CAMS volunteers module allows for all volunteer records to be stored in CAMS. This in turn allows for the volunteers to be assigned work alongside existing officers.

  • Management of your volunteer resource
  • Works Areas
  • Training, health and safety courses
  • Volunteer projects
  • Recording of volunteer work

Photo & Document Management

Connect photos taken in the field to the related object in CAMS. Our LibraryLink system allows for new and existing photos to be viewable within CAMS. Our survey module will allow for automatic importing of photos taken in the field.

  • Drag and drop linking of documents to all items in CAMS
  • All media types handled – images, MS Word, PDF etc.


Highlight your achievements with our reporting system. Quickly and easily pull statistics from CAMS about the state of the network, amount of work done or pending costs.

  • Industry-Standard Crystal Reports
  • Statistical reports summarising all aspects of path network
  • Detailed reports with images and maps
  • Ability to save to multiple formats

Commons and Town or Village Green Management

The CAMS Commons and Village Green module allows you to manage all the data relating to the Commons and Town and Village Green Registers.

  • Associations between areas of Common Land and the Tenements that have rights over them
  • Details of the rights holders and the rights they have over the Common
  • Assists with the process of apportioning Tenements
  • Ability to easily generate Commons Register & Town or Village Green Register sheets
  • Ability to generate Form 20 reports for amendments to the Commons Register
  • Integration of the text data with the map features: everything is in one system making it much easier and quicker to use and search.


We are happy to work with you to find solutions suited to your needs. Please see our CAMS Web or Portfolio pages for more information on how we can integrate with any existing systems.

  • CAMS API (application programming interface) allows integration with any external system
  • Other systems include asset management, web sites, CRM, ordering systems etc.
  • Removes need for double entry of data
  • Immediate synchronising of data across systems
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