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Opening ESRI Personal Geodatabases in QGIS 

Posted by Steve Ellwood 01 March 2017 Categories: ArcGIS GIS (general) Quantum GIS (QGIS)
In the more recent 64-bit versions of QGIS it is no longer possible to open ESRI personal geodatabases using the 'Add vector layer' functionality. However, it is possible to enable access to personal ... read more

GeoServer WFS fails on SQL Server tables/views with GUID data type 

Posted by Crispin Flower 11 January 2017 Categories: GeoServer OGR/GDAL SQL Server WFS
Just a quick note that might be useful to some. The problem... If you publish a SQL Server (in this case 2014) table or view with a GUID field using GeoServer (version 2.10), it will fail to... read more

A regular expression for numbers from 0 to 100 

Posted by Crispin Flower 29 July 2016 Categories: ASP.Net Regular expressions
I've been creating a web questionnaire (using the Forms Wizard module for mojoPortal CMS) that includes some questions where the answers were to be expressed as integer percentages. How to validate... read more

How to change the port for GeoServer on Windows with Jetty 

Posted by Crispin Flower 19 April 2015 Categories: GeoServer IIS Windows Server 2008
Faced with the task of upgrading a production GeoServer under heavy constant use, I decided to install the newer version alongside first, migrate the content, then make the switch when I was happy... read more

Troubleshooting issues with VSS from backup chain and SQL Server 

Posted by James Perrins 12 March 2015 Categories: SQL Server
Symptoms: BackupChain fails almost as soon as it starts when backing up SQL Server VM SQL server VM Application log is riddled with errors Diagnostics: Use VSSDiag You can start by using the VssDiag... read more

How to do a typeahead incremental search control in Microsoft Access 

Posted by Crispin Flower 11 January 2015 Categories: MS Access UXD VBA
When a user needs to find an existing record or value by typing something in a box, it is well recognized that a "typeahead" or incremental search is a powerful and user-friendly solution. Of... read more

Confusion when renaming SQL Server views 

Posted by Timothy Derbyshire 05 December 2014 Categories: SQL Server

Renaming views in SQL Server Management Studio can lead to unforseen consquences later, such as views failing to recompile or having their structure changed without warning. This post explains the causes of these problems and some potential solutions.

... read more

WMS/WFS down when a GeoServer store is disabled after Windows updates 

Posted by Crispin Flower 13 November 2014 Categories: GeoServer PostgreSQL/PostGIS SQL Server
Last night some of our servers restarted after scheduled updates, and we awoke to warning emails that some of our GIS web services were down. The affected WMS/WFS services were from GeoServer, so we... read more

MapInfo Pro requests node-locked activation method rather than Licence server details when activating a concurrent licence 

Posted by Claire Lush 12 November 2014 Categories: MapInfo Professional
This issue may occur where users have been switched from using node-locked to concurrent MapInfo licences. Although the served version of MapInfo is installed, when MapInfo is run the dialog for... read more

How to suppress sponsor offers when installing or updating Java 

Posted by Andy Brewer 23 October 2014
When you update Java, you are usually offered the Ask toolbar, default home page and search. You have to opt out of this offer every update and, until recently, there was no way to avoid this without ... read more
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